about us

Beyadenu – Returning to the Temple Mount, is a registered NGO, and is the largest non-for-profit organization advocating for Jewish rights and sovereignty on the Temple Mount.

Our Organization’s goals include: 

  1. Strengthening Israeli sovereignty of the Temple Mount
  2. Increasing the number of Jewish ascenders 
  3. Lobbying to permit Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount and the bringing of religious symbols
  4. Removing the restriction of visiting hours from Jewish ascenders
  5. Dedicating public and private resources toward maintaining the Temple Mount, as many millions are today dedicated to the Western Wall Heritage Foundation while the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation gets no government assistance or recognition


During the past few years, we have been working tirelessly for the Temple Mount: in the legal arena, in meeting ministers and members of Knesset, in the Temple Mount Knesset lobby, in the media, in advocacy and, of course, in bringing as many Jews as possible to the Temple Mount. 

Our goal is to connect the People of Israel to the Temple Mount and to change the current reality and bring the Temple Mount back to the People of Israel.

on the ground

Tours on the Temple Mount, lectures, workshops and promoting awareness of the Temple Mount.


Spreading information about the site and creating engaging content that promotes Jewish sovereignty and ascendance to the Temple Mount.


Challenging and confronting police discrimination against non-Muslims while promoting Jewish rights on the Temple Mount.


Connecting Jews to the heritage and importance of the Temple Mount

Our team

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