About us

Members of Beyadenu – Returning to the Temple Mount

About us

 Beyadenu – Returning to the Temple Mount is the largest registered Israeli non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the Temple Mount and its heritage in Jewish Communities worldwide.
Beyadenu’s Flagship Project – Guided Tours of the Temple Mount
Among our other initiatives, we facilitate and provide professional tours on the Mount.
Beyadenu has professional guides who welcome Jewish ascenders to the Temple Mount, explaining and accompanying them before, during and after the visit, providing rich historical context and explanations throughout the visit. Every day a certified Beyadenu guide waits for you at the entrance of the Temple Mount.

Our Mission

 Realization and application of full Israeli sovereignty on the Temple Mount.

Advocacy for full equal rights for Jews on the Temple Mount

Restoration of the Temple Mount back to its natural status as the heart of the Jewish nation: a place of ascension, a place of longing and aspiration, a central spiritual, religious, and national site where Jews can ascend freely, visit, and worship.

What we do

  • Operating a team of guides on the Temple Mount to lead tours for all interested in ascending the Temple Mount during the opening hours.
  • Organizing informative training courses about the Temple Mount for guides and for the broader public.
  • Enabling partnerships – Beyadenu cooperates with other smaller groups that focus on Temple Mount and acts as the “umbrella” organization for this cause.
  • Encouraging Jews to ascend the Temple Mount by giving them compelling content about the history of the Temple Mount and information about the present situation there to change the “status quo.”
  • Creating political connections and support – Beyadenu expands the circle of supporters for Jewish freedoms on the Temple Mount in the Knesset, including those from senior government ministers.
  • Taking legal action against discriminatory policies towards Jews on the Temple Mount.
  • Challenging discriminatory policies at the Temple Mount with on-the-ground activism.